Friday, June 12, 2009

I woke up one day with chest pains and shortness of breath.
I thoght I was having a heart attack.
In the next few days red spots appeared on my chest.
Looked like some one burned a few holes through my chest.

Monday, June 8, 2009


The images from the previous below blog post were taken off the internet by AOL, as there pictures section was taken down.I have a very large amount of images that I took using an intel pc microscope. Of devices that were removed from infected cysts that formed on my body my head and neck and from a device that came out of my ear.The images look very similar to devices that a Mr.Dave Larson ,a former Univ of Cal. biomedical student who as a student volunteered for implantation, but ended up with implants he did not volunteer for and had some removed by a doctor. He posted technical info on implant patents and suspected
research scientists. His information is very intelligent and informed. This is
his link:

I don't think the CIA or the DOD are to blame but I think its the NIH
doing illegal experiments in hospitals, I do agree that the research persons: Troyk, Loeb,J. Schulman etc. are involved as if you do a google search for Loeb and incontinence you will find a lot of patents, same with Troyk and brain implants as well as the company BION.

Dr.Gerald Loeb:


Implantation is one thing, as is the design of the devices, but the use of the technology is another thing all together and involves highly organized electronic stalking:

and actions that result in bodily damage,by remote control by one group that is acting like terrorists. I.E. persons other than Troyk or Loeb.

While there is another group is simply monitoring broadcasts and my electro physiology with some commentary and broadcasts harmless images used for behavioral research. The harmless group is trying to reverse the damage that the negative group does., both physically and psychologically. And the negative group pretends that its the harmless group.

The negative group consists of some psychologically disturbed individuals, bent on sadistic actions. For example using biological telemetry devices to cauterize my arteries or to create breathing problems like suffocation/apnea, making me choke when Im swallowing food, preventing me from using the bathroom. The Bion copany lists all the wonderous things its devices can do and the negative group uses very similar technology to cause medical problems.

BION Technology

A BION, about the size of a grain of rice, is programmed externally. The microchip delivers digitally controlled and regulated pulses that interact with the muscular system, activating nerves. A BION, because of its size, can be implanted by injection by any physician in an outpatient setting, reducing clinical costs. BIONs also have numerous benefits for the veteran population, including decreased risk of infection, skin breakdown, or tissue damage. BIONs hold the promise to improve functioning in veterans receiving rehabilitation services for motor rehabilitation, bowel and bladder control, swallowing and vocal control difficulties, cardiorespiratory conditioning, pain control, and prevention of deep vein thrombosis.

Solicitation for Proposals

The RR&D Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, will review proposals for BION research during the July 2003 merit review. Principal and coprincipal investigators must have PhD and/or MD degrees and hold at least a five-eighths VA appointment. Awards are capped at $250,000 for up to three years. For more information on submission of BION proposals, contact Danielle M. Kerkovich, PhD, by email at or call 202-254-0258.

Danielle M. Kerkovich, PhD


In addition to the actions to screw up my body the negative group broadcast that

they are trying to give me brain damage by oxygen deprivation, or give my kidney failure. Or I am "in for a big disappointment" after they use mind control to create some financial or relationship problem. The mind control includes activities using extra low frequency electromagnetic fields( that control implants) and behavioral manipulations described by this guy Tim Rifat:

The physical damage to my body aspect is something else, I'm closing in on who these persons are, and it seems some of them are trying to black mail others such as thier employers. I
suggest that I should get financial compensation in an out of court settlement, instead
of them paying these bozos. The research (more like childish harassment) has
been going on for over 10 years and I have received zero compensation. I have
medical problems as a result from "research" such as double hernias,
memory issues brain damage etc. My sources of income interfered with (jobs
sabotaged) as well as having pets killed via micro waved or irradiated by
telemetry devices.

So someone operates on me when Im blacked out at the hospital and puts a bunch of implants in my body, some which include remote control incontinence devices and use them to intentionally and repeatedly torture
me to the point of bodily damage. So that I'm prevented from using the toilet
and have my bladder and intestines herniated into my scrotum, and have
teeth burned and shattered via torture techniques involving implants in the ear or skull that couple to the facial cranial nervous system. A victim from NewZealand was subjected to this technique that burns out teeth see:

So I am posting a link to a web page that describes RAAT implants "

radio-wave, auditory, assaultive, transmitting (RAAT) implants. They refer to
the use of a miniature device attached to the human auditory canal, near the
tympanic membrane. "

Here is the link:

These devices described in the above link are used in conjunction with
incontinence devices for harassment, that were surgically implanted in my body
without my permission or without my consent. This link describes the situation
and similar scenarios most of the links are dead except for 1 or 2. Such as the
one from Finland from 1998 Against Electronic Mind-Control International, and
Bader's story

To understand this situation in musical terms see the myspace web page and checkout
the song "EMF"
.The band Fatal system seems to know what's going
on, don't be offended by their art as they said it represents Lust.

Again I could really use some money, unless your a victim of course, so I can get these devices removed treat the damages they caused and pay for expenses related to this crap. All I want to do is just work a job and pay my rent and maybe attend college but people are trying to prevent me from doing these basic things.

So if your a wealthy person looking for some charitable cause feel free to contact me.
Later I will post comparison photos of mine to Dave Larsons.

Its really a shame in this age of modern technology someone like a medical student or electronics engineer cant help me bypass these devices. There is a possibility for a wireless neuro link to computers, with a lot of possibilities art, etc., EEG research. But now Im constantly harassed by a blue tooth like device surgically embedded in my ear. The technology is also used to rip off proprietary ideas via the neurological link. I get tortured and I'm called a test monkey
by idiots obsessed with an implanted incontinence device in my body, some of the people behave like sex offenders.

Its also a joke how the government keeps funding research that's already been accomplished and funds such things as a monkey moving a robot arm via a wire embedded in its brain. (Try doing it wireless), or the recent Synthetic telepathy research contracts being funded what a scam.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This tube like device was connected to a bulbous head like structure, the tube is very similar to devices Larson extracted but I do not know if Larson's devices came from inside his ears

All of these inner ear devices,were ruptured from my inner ear after an agonizing session where I was subject to ultrasonic broadcasts for 24 hours a day. The facial cranial nerves in my jaw
were affected a wisdom tooth was shattered, and my ear swelled shut......I was told via a braodcast to the devices "we are going to give you an earache". I passed out form the pain.

This is a modern technological method of torture, using implants, transmitters and ultrasound.

also refered to as EDOM and RHIC:
RHIC EDOM, Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control & Electronic Dissolution of Memory: